Havyard to Design Two More Cargo Ships for Royal Arctic Line

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Havyard Design & Solutions will deliver ship design for further two cargo vessels for Royal Arctic Line, which would be built at Nodosa Shipyard in Pontevedra, Spain.
This will be the third and fourth cargo vessels that Havyard Design & Solutions delivers to Royal Arctic Line A/S. The design is of the Havyard 971 type, which is smaller than the first two vessels.
“These two vessels are an important addition to our strategy to renew older vessels, and, not least, to the infrastructure on Greenland,” Anders Bay Larsen, Head of Fleet Management, said.
The vessels will operate in northwest Greenland, which makes stringent requirements of the vessels’ design, as they must operate in a rough climate, sail in and out of small shallow ports, and meet ice class requirements.
Havyard 971 was developed in close collaboration with the shipping company in order to meet these requirements.
The first vessel is scheduled to be delivered at the end of 2020, while the second vessel would join the owner four months later.
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