Installation and maintenance of anchors and anchor chains

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Installation and maintenance of anchors and anchor chains

It is indeed a very stressful thing for a ship to lose its anchor accidentally in the process of waterway transportation.

Nobody wants an accident to happen, but if an accident happens, the only method to solve the problem is to install another anchor and anchor chains as soon as possible, so that the ship can leave port and complete the transportation task safely and smoothly.

Yangzhou LIG Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd. provides customers with quality and efficient services with the principle of timely response, timely quotation, timely transportation and timely installation", and quality products and competitive and reasonable price according to customer demand. We won the praise of the majority of shipping companies.


We participate in the installation and maintenance process of anchor and anchor chain, the services including: stock preparation, automobile transportation, in charge of loading, installation and so on.


1. Stock up

We provide customers with high quality spot products, including new anchor, new anchor chain, second hand anchor, second hand anchor chain, anchor shackle, anchor shackle, swivel foreruner, kenter shackle and other anchor chain accessories, and we also provide lead block and lead sealing service for installing Kent shackles. Our products can provide customers with CCS or other foreign ship inspection certificates to ensure product quality.






2.Automobile transportation


When the goods are ready, we will dispatch specialized vehicles to the shipowner's designated wharf for loading timely. In order to avoid the inconvenience of logistics, we send the goods to the designated place requested by the customer directly.









Operation at the wharf is easy to cause damage to the wharf so that installation and maintenance operations are not allowed in many wharves, we generally recommend that sailing the ship carrying goods nearby the ship in need of installation and maintenance for operating.




4. Installation and maintenance


We take the ship to the customer ship for installing the anchor chain and fasten the anchor chains together with kenter shackles (We have to install kenter shackles in a directional manner in strict accordance with the installation method), and then we melt the lead blocks to seal the kenter shackles to prevent the pins from falling off. At the end of the installation process, we install the swivel forerunner and anchor shackle for the anchor chain to connect the anchor which also requires melting lead to seal the pin to prevent the accident from happening again.







So far, the installation work is completed, the ship can finally complete its transportation tasks again.


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